About RCS

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a communication platform that’s more interactive and engaging as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. RCS has acted as an upgrade to SMS with rich media, analytics and branding. It is used for both Person to Person(P2P) and Application to Person(A2P) communications with rich features like photo and video sharing, PDFs and carousels. It provides far greater reach and accessibility than SMS. It likewise tells advertisers how messages are performing with continuous information about when messages are conveyed, read and regardless of whether beneficiaries have tapped on inserted application links.


We understand your need to include sophisticated communication channels, this is where we come in Our Rich Communication Service is a next generation communication protocol for messaging partners, telecom carriers and OEMs.

Make customised messages, establish chat groups and send HD content.

Integrated Chatbot

RCS-enabled chatbots, you can use conversation automation to offer customers timely, relevant messages while also digitising recurrent communication patterns.

Rich Media Experience

Deliver richer messages that customers can trust to boost your brand and communication with them using features like rich media, carousels, images and videos

Real Time Analytics

RCS offers real-time analytics, including "messages delivered" and "messages seen" reports, as well as on-screen event tracking, so that you may gain valuable customer insights.

Features And Benefits

Enhanced User Experience

Verified Business Sender

Information Sharing


Real-Time Interactions



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