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India's leading public sector bank branded a promotion using our SMS API.


  • Real-time transactional alerts
  • In-depth customer analysis
  • Send promotional and informative messages to the customers over multiple channels using a single interface.
  • Better customer reach

Fintech, the world's most valuable brand with a vast customer base and distribution network, branded a promotion using our platform to manage time-critical business communications at a voluminous scale.


  • Message prioritization to set message priority
  • Personalized interaction
  • Business continuity and enhanced customer experience at a lower cost.
  • Customer satisfaction and the overall success of the organization.

India's leading daily English newspaper using our SMS services.


  • User SMS push service
  • User SMS pull service
  • Reliable and Fast delivery
  • Better customer interaction

A prominent, agile, and inventive global analytics firm to improve market performance. Cell 24x7 helped to increase transactions via meaningful push notification alerts and inform the clients about their ratings.


  • Build an engagement strategy for the company powered by its omnichannel push notification automatic platform, credence.
  • Incorporate online queries in campaign journeys.
  • Mapped and communicated 'best-fit offers on rules.
  • Multi-channel engagement journey incorporating SMS, Email, OBD, and BPN.

Our SMS API helped the portal inform customers about its time-bound promotional offer and acquire quality leads.


  • On-time SMS delivery
  • Wider customer reach
  • In-depth customer analysis
  • Enhanced ROI for marketing campaigns

One of India's leading insurance companies based in Mumbai using our SMS, Email, and voice solutions to connect with their customers.


  • On-time SMS delivery
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Email notifications and campaigns
  • Personalized interaction
  • Wider customer reach

A leading player in portfolio and wealth management, a stock -based company, using our SMS, Voice, Email services to interact with their customers using our communication platform.


  • Email campaigns
  • Reliable and faster SMS delivery
  • Wider reach
  • API based SMS services

Leading two-wheeler finance specialist company, using our OTP, Voice, Email solutions to engage with their customers through our communication platform.


  • Effective and enhanced marketing campaigns
  • Rich media communication
  • On-time delivery
  • Data messaging channels

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