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RCS Service Provider: Enhancing Communication for Tomorrow

The RCS Business Messaging service enables businesses to engage with their customers via branded, rich, conversational communication.

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Rich communication messaging features

Level up your engagement by creating rich branded RCS Messaging that develops relationships using two-way interactive communication.

Why is RCS better?

Creativity and technology combined to help brands grow

RCS provides brand information connecting businesses and customers. The information is delivered to your customers in various formats so you can promote various news and events. RCS enables immediate and complete cusotmer service through interaction between your users and the system.


Use image, video, card news, etc.

Up to 1,300 characters

6 action buttons


Using pre-registered templates

Support bulk messaging

Save $1000 or 10K messages


Using original message service.

Reliable brand profile

Authorization only in RCS.

What benefits does RCS offer?

How to manage all the orders from various platforms?


How to quickly respond to customers' inquiries and needs?

E commerce

How to manage various booking options?


Key Features of RCS

Rich Media Sharing

RCS allows users to share high-quality images, videos, audio messages, and files in their conversations.

Read Receipts and Typing Indicators

Users can see when their messages have been read and when the other person is typing, similar to popular messaging apps.

Group Chat

RCS supports group messaging, allowing users to chat with multiple people at once.

Location Sharing

Users can share their current location or a specific location with others in the conversation.

Integration with Business Services

RCS can integrate with business services, enabling features like chatbots, appointment scheduling, and payments directly within the messaging app.

Branding and Customization

Businesses can customize the appearance of their messages with branding elements like logos and colors.

Our Services

Services to help drive your business' success


RCS Campaign Management

Strategize, create, and execute impactful RCS campaigns tailored to your business objectives.


Personalized Messaging Solutions

Harness the power of personalized messaging to connect with customers on a deeper level and drive meaningful engagement.


Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights into campaign performance and user engagement with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools.


Rich Media Content Creation

Elevate your messaging with compelling visuals and engaging multimedia content designed to captivate your audience.


Integration and Implementation Support

Seamlessly integrate RCS into your existing communication infrastructure with expert guidance and support.

Experience a smarter way to interact with your users.

Save time, resources, grow your brand through new channels of communication which are trustworthy and cost effective. We help power your digital transformation needs as your business evolves. FreeD RCS connects customers with brands in a way that is easy, direct, instantaneous and convenient. Discover new ways to multiply your revenue channels and boost customer engagement through the most seamless user experience possible.

Why RCS for Business?

Branding and Business Verification

Create fully branded experiences that customers trust.

Branding and Business Verification in RCS ensures trust and credibility by displaying recognizable logos for businesses and verifying sender authenticity. These features elevate the messaging experience, fostering user confidence in message authenticity and strengthening connections between businesses and customers.

Suggested Replies and Actions

Help customers take the next step with suggested replies and actions

Streamline communication with suggested replies and actions in RCS messaging. Simplify responses for users with pre-written options, improving efficiency and engagement. Drive action with clickable buttons, allowing users to easily interact and navigate within the conversation. Enhance the user experience and drive meaningful interactions with suggested replies and actions.

Rich Card Carousels

Engage customers with rich media cards and carousels

Captivate customers with interactive rich media cards and carousels in RCS messaging. Showcase products, promotions, and more with vibrant images and engaging content, enhancing user experience and driving engagement. Elevate your messaging strategy with dynamic visual elements to leave a lasting impression.


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