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Deliver the highest rates anywhere in the world via a single interface and benefit from a dependable platform.

Welcome to Cell 24x7: Your Premier Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chennai.

At Cell 24x7, we understand the paramount importance of effective communication in today's fast-paced world. Whether you're a small business reaching out to your loyal customers or a large corporation managing extensive client networks, our cutting-edge Bulk SMS Service is tailored to meet your needs seamlessly.


Promotional SMS

Drive engagement and boost sales with targeted promotional SMS campaigns. With our intuitive platform, crafting compelling promotional messages has never been easier.

Transactional SMS

Keep your customers informed and engaged with transactional SMS notifications. From order confirmations to appointment reminders, our service helps you stay connected with your audience at critical moments.

OTP Solution

One-time passwords (OTPs) are generated, transmitted, and validated at scale by Cell 24x7 for user confirmation of logins and transactions.

Our aim is to generate and validate OTPs as quickly as possible.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate our Bulk SMS Service into your existing systems and applications with our powerful API.

Automate message delivery, track responses, and more with ease.

API Features

Two-way messaging

Let your clients answer your SMS requests.

Personalized messages

For a large number of users, you may use personalised messages.

Multilingual Service

Send your messages in any language you want.

Data Integrations

Data integration using security tools.

Robust SMS APIs

We make use of robust SMS APIs to ensure super-fast delivery and response.

Intelligent SMS routing

Make use of faster and secure delivery with our messaging services.

24×7 delivery service

We have a round the clock sms delivery service and customer support

Secure and scalable

Our strict processes and policies assures reliability and security with data encryption and testing.

Intelligent and fast SMS delivery

Optimise your delivery time and ensure a fast and successful sms delivery every time.

Quality experiences worldwide

Easily integrate all your business operations using a single API. This way, all your interactions are highly reliable with efficiency in quality.

What is a transactional SMS service?

Businesses may utilize transactional SMS services to provide crucial or necessary updates to their consumers about their product or service. For example, on an e-commerce site, updates such as the order invoice number, OTP, delivery status, return or refund status, delivery note, and so on are delivered to consumers via transactional SMS.

What is a promotional SMS service?

A promotional SMS message is one that a company sends to prospects and customers informing them about promotions, discounts, and special deals. Marketers use promotional programs to boost consumer engagement and sales. Cell 24x7 allows you to design customized subscription forms, automate SMS sending, and customize messages for improved success.

What is two-way messaging?

A two-way SMS service enables users to send and receive SMS messages from a specific number over a web messaging platform by utilizing full solutions or application programming interfaces (APIs). Shortcodes or virtual long numbers are used for two-way communications.

Why Choose Cell 24x7?


Our robust infrastructure ensures that your messages are delivered promptly, every time.


Whether you're sending hundreds or millions of messages, our platform effortlessly scales to accommodate your needs.


Tailor your messages to resonate with your audience. From personalized greetings to targeted promotions, our platform offers extensive customization options.


Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns with our comprehensive analytics dashboard. Track delivery rates, open rates, and more to refine your communication strategy.

24x7 Support

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

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