A fully functional Voice Call API and IVR

Engage your customers in engaging voice experiences using services like voice-call, OBD Voice call, Click to Call, Cloud-Based IVR, etc.

Create a rich and targeted email campaign for your customers using our API Based Tools. Capture the attention of your potential customers for promotions, engagement, reminders and more.

Simple Set-Up

A few simple steps are all it’ll take to set up the IVR

World Wide Connectivity

The APIs that we use has global network connectivity making the world a smaller place.

Secure Communication

Protect your customers from all kinds of security threats

Stable and Strong Connection

A smart routing engine lets you have the fastest and most reliable connection for your voice call

A few more services

Click to call

Specialised click to call services to connect with your brand


Create text to speech interactions using our integrated IVR service

Versatile APIs

Use our scalable and robust APIs for your communication needs

Customise your Call

Our Voice call API allows you to customise every call to your customer

Voice Alerts

Set up reminders and alerts for a password reset, bill reminders, low balance, etc.

Smart Agent Routing

Make your communication process easier with a platform to manage high volumes

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