What is DLT?

A registration system is used for storing and managing sender ids and templates. Anybody who wants to use a promotional SMS service needs to be DLT Registered.

How to Register?

Step 1 - Registration of the Enterprise

All entities have to be registered with the telecom providers. After uploading the documents you will receive a reference number. The approval, use the 16 digit DLT ID to register with the operator

Step 2 - Header Registration

Every header is assigned a unique Header ID, shared between different DLT platforms. Transactional, Service Implicit/Explicit, and Promotional Sender IDs are alphabetical, Promotional Sender IDs are numeric

Step 3 - Consent Template Registration

Once a template has been created, the entity retains ownership of it across all platforms. Every template is assigned a unique Template ID.

Step 4 - Registered Templates on DLT platform

All accepted templates will be in an Excel format. It can be accessed by going to the content template tab and selecting the template summary option.

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