Email Services

Cater to your customers through our robust API and high output SMTP Tools

Initiate engaging conversations with Cell 24 x 7 Email campaigns

Create a rich and targeted email campaign for your customers using our API Based Tools. Capture the attention of your potential customers for promotions, engagement, reminders and more.

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Email Services

Promotional Emails

Customise all your promotional emails that you send to your customers to enhance engagement

Transactional Emails

Send transactional Emails with Cell 24 x 7 to reach your customers and build the best communication flow.

Build a better communication flow with your customers when it comes to transnational emails.

Easy and secure integration

Secure OTP interactions that ensure 100% delivery and quick receiving time.

Key Features

Delivery Analytics

Get accurate analytics and delivery status like sent, delivered, bounced, opens and clicks.

Encrypted communication

DomainKeys ensures that emails are delivered to your consumers in the same condition as they were sent.

Customizable templates

Create templates that are to be sent on occasions.

Faster delivery

A promise of fast and accurate email delivery

Communication Back-up

Combine your communication channels with SMS, WhatsApp and Email

Reliable and secure

Our Email deliveries are reliable and secure. We consider security as a priority in our deliverables

Improve customer interaction

Sync customer profiles through API or upload your files to bring all the customer data in a sync. You can also make client profiles to segment all your targeted communication

Deliver rich Email content

We have a user-friendly interface that’ll help you create meaningful emails. We also have a feature to import and examine email templates from other platforms

Improve email performance

We tackle detecting and repairing addresses, bouncing of emails, etc. so that your results have very less chances of getting compromised. Get a complete picture of all your email data with a full picture

What are promotional Emails?

An email sent to your email list to notify you about new or current items or services is known as a promotional email. Special discounts, limited-time bargains, or unique material are advertised through promotional emails.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are informative and non-marketed emails that are customized and data-driven. Transactional emails often contain information that a receiver wants or requires, and as a result, they have high opening (click) rates.

Account opening emails, OTP verification, order receipts, account notifications, password resets, admission status, and social media updates like upload and follower alerts are all common reasons to send transactional emails to recipients.

What is an Email service?

An email service is a service provided by organizations that help businesses to send strategic emails to their customers with minimal manual work. Cell 24 x 7's developer-friendly APIs help organizations in creating, customizing, and sending emails using customized email software.

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